Learning to enjoy the unintended

I think I've got to learn to be a bit more open-minded and enjoy results even they're not exactly what I set out to achieve!

I've dyed some merino sliver (beautifully soft!) using a commercial dye. The colour isn't quite such a rich violet as I'd hoped (it's called ultra-violet), but I am still very pleased with that. Beside it here I have some natural black alpaca, supposedly carded, but which I've carded some more.

I wanted to keep the colours separate in the singles and let them mix in the plying.

This is the first skein. I looooooove the colours, but in the plying, they have matched up far more than I'd have expected! The result, as you can see from the swatch I've knitted, is much stripier (is that a word?) than I had in mind. Hmmmmmm. I'm going to try another bobbin-full tonight and switch the colours much more frequently. (I'm going to call this colour combination 'hug'.)


Anonymous said...

Lovely! The colours go really well together - and I think the pale violet is beautiful - even if it wasn't quite what you intended! :) Any ideas what you're going to make with it?

peahen said...

I was inspired by this post: http://thebluesheepknits.blogspot.com/2009/03/northanger-abbey.html In Emmas photos it looks as if there are more colours, but I wanted something a bit 'purer' violet and black. I'm sure it will work well with the right sock pattern, but the stripey nature of this first skein might work well as a scarf. I'm not sure - I'll try and listen to what it's trying to tell me, or one day I might see the right pattern.

peahen said...

... or if someone else has the right pattern, I've listed it on handspinner.co.uk with a donation button.