The whooshing sound of time flying by

Where does it go? I did think I'd try and spin the 100g I'd weighed out over the weekend, but here we are at Tuesday and it's only half done. I guess it wasn't a SMART target and as I said in the last post, the journey is as important as the arriving, and I'm enjoying this project no end.

This is the first 50g, and I'm still really excited about it. I've just seen a sock pattern I really like.


Hand Knitted Things said...

These are lovely strong colours.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I can't wait to see how it knits up!

artisan said...

I love that pattern for the socks you linked to, just what I need for my cold feet in bed!
Hand knitted socks are one of those luxurious feel-good treats.

peahen said...

They are strong colours, Julia, which is unusual for me. I guess that's the advantage of starting with a photo - it dictates the colours and you can't shy away!

I'm feeling impatient too, Rebecca, my time is a bit limited, so I think it'll take a while, but I'll keep posting progress.

artisan - I think you're right, they feel very good (Lolita Legs are very nearly finished and certainly do feel wonderful). You can't beat the traditional ways, can you?!