Remember the hair-dyed handspun?

The 4mm needles have knitted these up extremely quickly. In fact I thought I was going to finish that second one in a single sitting. But not quite. Not even with the extra hour that the move from BST to GMT gave me.

I love the colours, and I love the way they've worked out. There's a vague spiral to the colour changes, in the opposite direction to the spiral of the rib pattern. I also like the look of skein-dyed wool.

Ta-daaaaaaaaa! I don't think I've ever taken something from cast-on to cast-off in a week.

And they're warm too! I've finished them just in time for the weather to turn milder.....

[edit] Pattern was linked in an earlier post, but for those who have asked:

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Shani said...

Really love these, very purposeful pattern and what a really good idea dyeing with hair-dye...