Couldn't put the needles down

I spun this wool last weekend - since Christmas I've had a pair of mitts on my 'to do' list for a fisherman friend. (Hence the natural brown colour.)

I picked up the needles this morning intending to simply make a start. Three hours later and the first one is stitched up! This speed is out of character. I will however save its partner for another day. The pattern is my own, the fibre is corriedale natural medium.


Dorothy said...

Those look good and warm! Quick knits are fun.

peahen said...

I agree - I enjoy a quick result (though quick knit for me probably means an egg-cosy or something). I was surprised how quickly this one grew. Maybe I'm knitting quicker.

It certainly is warm too. Quite chunky and the yarn is very fluffly.

Thanks Dorothy.