warp speed

This is the start of a very exciting journey; leaving behind the rigid heddle and the peg method of warping.

My guide is Anne Field's Book of Four Shaft Weaving. It's a steep learning curve, the book is thick and detailed, but I feel I'm in good hands. My loom has eight shafts, but all of the principles are just the same and I'll just ignore four of the shafts initially.

First step is to make a warp. At the top end, the threads cross over alternately to keep them in the right order for threading. At the other end is another cross but in groups for counting. The number in each group is the number that will go between each pin in your raddle if you're using one.


Sarah said...

oooh it looks complicated. I've just finished my second scarf on my rigid heddle.

peahen said...

It's certainly taking me a lot longer than warping a rigid heddle. It is complicated, but that's keeping it very interesting. There's much trial and error involved here too!