Me at Last!

I hope I am still allowed to post on here ha ha! sorry been a while, but have been very busy. Have been admiring all the wonderful things everyone has been doing, and Pea, well what can I say you are so talented.

This is a little coat that I usually make for new borns, not that they wear this sort of thing anymore. but this one I have just made for my niece Liz for Max. who is about 12 weeks old now, he is gorgeous, and I have been allowed to baby sit!
This coat is sitting in my drawer as made it last winter, and it is so warm that so far only worn it a couple of times.

Not much after all you have done but am knitting a top at the moment, and squares for a blanket! So I am still knitting.

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peahen said...

It's lovely to hear from you B. You make such lovely things, please keep knitting and keep posting!

Great to hear about the addition to your family too!