Pat's hat - step 4, knitting

We have half of a fold-up brim! The pattern is, as you can see, the Lucky 7 hat by weezalana. If you look closely, you can probably see the word 'arse' in the first sentence, which I take as a good omen in any situation.
The yummy colour of the yarn did get a bit lighter as it dried out, but is still perfect. You can also see the gauge which was also perfect, possibly the first time that I've ever made a swatch which measured exactly the right size, so hopefully that's a good omen too.

Not quite so perfect was the swatch for my Opulent Raglan:
It's 7/8 the size it should be. I like this fairly close knit, and it'll start to look too 'open' if I go up needle sizes, so I'll knit the next size up and hope that it'll fit.

The fibre is some natural-coloured merino which I bought to sell via handspinner, but haven't listed it yet because I'm not sure about the quality. It is a gorgeous colour and has made a beautiful yarn, if a little lumpy, and the swatch is so soft that it'll do perfectly.

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