Carded and spun Emmanuel

I felt so excited when I was offered some alpaca fleece because I had wanted to spin some for a while. To my surprise there were many shades to choose from. The one I picked was this lovely copper colour, it came from an Alpaca
called Emmanuel.

I loved the feel of it because it was so soft. I was told too late the there is no need to wash it first. But hey. Being very fortunate I have a drum carder that made the job of carding so much easier, especially considering there were many smaller pieces of the fleece.

Spinning it felt great. I was quite pleased with my first effort but feel that it should be spun a bit thinner because of its warmth, But there you are it's all individual and about creating your own style, that can be very rewarding.

If anybody has any hints or tips on spinning Alpaca I would love to hear.

- whippetsgalore

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