Savile Row Field Day

I'm a country mouse, and so the idea of turfing over a London street and moving in some Exmoor horn and Bowmont sheep really does appeal to me! The event takes place for a week starting 11 October and is organised by the Campaign for Wool.

The aim is to promote wool and tell Londoners about how wool is produced and made into the luxury cloth used by the tailors working in the adjacent shops. For my money it's as much a reminder of the soil beneath the urban concrete and tarmac.

More about Savile Row Field Day.


cass said...

Thanks for your support. Fox Brothers, one of the organisers, is launching a collection of West of England tweeds in support of British wool growers, as our MD Douglas Cordeaux says: “Fox Brothers has been using wool to produce luxury cloth at its West Country mill and supplying Savile Row since the eighteenth century. We have a collective responsibility to champion this versatile, sustainable and natural fibre, the production of which involves far lower carbon emissions than man-made alternatives. We need to support farmers who are the custodians of our rural landscape and truly value the qualities of this wonderful resource, which is used to weave the finest luxury cloth you can buy.”

Hope to see you there on the day itself! Cass from Fox Brothers

peahen said...

Thank you for the extra info and very best of luck with the event - it's a fab idea, hope it goes down really well.