looming large!

It's been a very long time since I warped this loom and started learning to weave using an 8-shaft loom (to be honest only threading 4 of those 8 but that was taxing enough). This afternoon felt right to pick up the shuttle and do some more.

I warped using one colour so that I could experiment with plain and twills. After a while, I'm very pleased to see that my edges are coming nice and parallel. This 2/1 twill seems to be a great pattern for showing up unevenness, but the diagonal stripes are becoming straighter with time.

Above is a mostly-warp 3/1, moving back and forth to create a chevron

And here are some more variations - swiss twill, alternating (really not quite sure what went wrong there!) and a zig-zag


Yarnspider said...

Looking brilliant! Warping is always the worst bit!!

peahen said...

Thanks YS, and I have to admit I think you're right. looking through my books, there's loads that I want to try, but all with different threading drafts and my mind goes straight to the hours involved in doing that bit!

You certainly have to think carefully about what you want to do before you make that commitment!

But once that's done, doesn't the work grow quickly compared to knitting?!

peahen said...

I have to say your stair-runner was a real inspiration (It was some time ago, and I can't find it now, so sorry if I've got that wrong).