Still time!

There's still time to enter this year's Spring competition, a good prize on offer and not a huge number of entries so far. So why not give it a go?

I'm inviting you to make some yarn inspired by this springtime photo of cherry blossom.

It's a freestyle event - do whatever you like, dye the fibre, mix bought dyed or natural fibre, use animal, vegetable or synthetic, straight or funky, whatever you like. To enter, join the group on Flickr and add your photos. If you have trouble with that, simply email them to me. you've got until mid-May.

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Helen Jacobs-Grant said...

Hi Shiela I added a yarn tonight but then thought I would post some spring colour fibre pictures as well to fill up the album a little bit, if you dont want them on there please delete as you wish I wont be offended at all I felt so sorry I couldnt have spun more to add myself. Helen x