Finished project - Sisterhood Cowl

 Yay, my Sisterhood Cowl is finished. It's always good to finish a project, but I'm also a little sad to finish this one because I've enjoyed knitting it so much.

Lots of plain knitting make this a great project to pick up & put down, or to put in your bag when going out. The lace rounds break this up and add interest. Big needles make the rounds fly by.
There are several ways to wear this type of cowl.
 It was my first opportunity to use my new blocking wires - a Fibre East purchase. They made blocking a breeze. I pulled it out lengthways because there was plenty of width, and I'd used the minimum number of stitches in order to get the garment out of the yarn I'd spun from Yummy Yarns' 'Posh Frock' wool/tencel

Pattern is here: and Yummy Yarns is here:

Mosaic of the steps along the way:

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