Woolly Wednesday for August

Once again, the monthly opportunity to round up current and recent projects has arrived.

The Tour de Fleece is for me an opportunity to spend more time spinning without the guilt. I have some lovely skeins of wool to show for it, even if I didn't finish it all before the end of the Tour. First this 200g of various natural shades of Masham wool. This will be a Carousel Tea Cosy.

 Second, this Merino/Cashmere/Silk in 'Foxgolves' from Picperfic's luxury fibre club. The fibre mix is lovely, it's incredibly soft and has a silky sheen. The colours are beautiful too. It was my first try at fractal spinning and I'm very happy with the way it's mixed the colours. It really needs to be worn next to the skin and so I'm thinking a cowl.

On the knitting front, I'm really loving knitting my Sisterhood Cowl. Progress appears slow but that's only because I only occasionally pick it up and knit a few rows. But those rows are very swift, thanks to large needles and a straightforward pattern. It's one that I've picked up and put in my bag because it's largely stockinette with some easy lace rows.

 And finally, a first reveal of something I'll be writing more about. For a recent visit home I'd bought a Schacht Zoom Loom each for me & my Mum. Like everyone else who's tried them, we found them fun and addictive, a great way to use up oddments of handspun.


Dawn said...

Love those Masham colours, a fibre I love to spin too.

Love your little loom too. I have a couple of looms like those - Weavettes but similar with the pins and love them, so quick and easy and fun to create. Great to sample how a handspun yarn looks woven too, have fun x

Alison said...

Lovely spinning!

I just got a Zoom Loom, too. It's so quick and fun. I just got it Monday and have already done several little squares.

The Sassy Spinner said...

Love the colours in your cowl, what a super project to take out and about... The Loom looks like a lot of fun too, maybe I'll have to put one on my shopping list!