Postcard from Fibre East 2015

What a very good day. We arrived shortly after the show opened but hadn't quite seen all of the exhibitors before some were finishing for the day.

There was a great selection of exhibitors, a wonderful atmosphere and many people demonstrating various things (not to mention the 'have a go' tent or James' workshop, both of which we had to pass on for reasons of time).

Mike's Sheer Sheep Experience is always something to look forward to, an entertaining talk along with his demonstration. We didn't get a reasonable explanation for the fascinator?!

  And after the show had finished for the day, the sun was still shining and we didn't want to go home, so what better than some coffee and some spinning?


josiekitten said...

I missed seeing the sheep shearing completely as I seemed to spend the whole day in the marquees. Which day did you go? Sorry I missed you!

peahen said...

I was there on the Saturday too. I read your blog post at the weekend and realised we'd been there the same day. Such a shame we didn't bump into each other.

I'm not surprised that you didn't get around to the shearing. There's so much to fit in in one day (we had to rush at the end and vendors were starting to pack up). Plus you did a workshop!

Your photos are amazing as usual. Sorry - should have left a comment - will go do that now.