UK Team for Spinzilla 2015

I've made this announcement on Ravelry and in Hand Spinning News but I realise that I've not put the news here - how remiss of me!

I'm proud to say that Hand Spinning News is a 'Merino' sponsor for Spinzilla 2015. In a nutshell (" more like..." as Basil Fawlty would say) it's a 'spin as much as you can in a week' competition for teams and individuals with loads of prizes, not just for yardage but also photography and random draws too. The wider aims are to raise awareness of spinning and education (providing craft materials for young people).

Running a team is a separate matter from sponsorship. Last year I spun 'rogue' (not part of a team) because there wasn't a UK team and I resolved to put that right this year if no-one else stepped forward. A couple of weeks ago I registered 'Team Hand Spinning News UK'.

If you're interested, please show your interest on the UK Spinners Rav group, though spinner registration doesn't open until Sept 1.

That's all happening Oct 5-11 so it's early days yet, but I've been speaking to Curtis Wool Direct who has very generously offered to supply prepared wool for the team. And with samples here I've not been able to resist looking for a suitable project and spinning samples.... More in the next post.

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