Guest post - Lorna Reid : My Lockdown Marathon

 Just before the first lockdown I had taught myself to make the crocheted Mitred Granny Square.  I thought it looked really nice and I enjoyed making them.  When we went officially into Lockdown, I came up with the bright idea of making one of these squares for each day of Lockdown.  I would them make them into baby car seat blankets and give them to charity.  Little did I realise what I had let myself in for!

I challenged the family to guess how many I would have to make, and then said I would stop when the shops opened, however I then added a caveat, when a specific shop opened!  (Of course, it was one with a large craft section!)  Unfortunately, for me, it opened more than a week later than the other shops!  I ended up making a total of 121 squares.  I used approximately 968g or if you prefer, that's over 2lbs of yarn.  I have 10 ends on each square to darn in, that's a total of 1210 ends!!

PS  I'm still trying to make them into car seat blankets and second Granddaughter won with 88 days being closest!

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Angel17 said...

Maybe someday I know how to make this crochet on my own.