Another Tiffany decorated spindle

Jewellery firm Tiffany and Co are often thought to be responsible for Tiffany lamps. This isn't quite true but there is a family connection; Charles Lewis Tiffany co-founded the Broadway store, and his son, Louis Comfort Tiffany is the notable and innovative glassmaker.

One of my favourite Tiffany designs is the peony. It's a very complex flower, ideal for working in stained glass as part of a large lamp, but too detailed for me to add three or four as I did with my Clematis spindle earlier in the week. As I drew out the design, I hit on the idea of using a single flower with its centre in the middle of the spindle. Does the design work?

I'm frustrated by my old camera, but here's the best picture I've been able to take tonight of the first toe of my hungry bees socks, knitted using cammomile-dyed corriedale singles. It's too early to tell whether bias is going to be a problem, but the twist set well and it really doesn't feel 'charged' with twist now. It's not broken yet, despite being a bit thin in places. I'm quite proud of that big cake, wound by hand using a nostepinne.

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