Power scour test - update

Thanks to everyone who's taken an interest in this, particularly to Sophie for prompting me to update. It's good to know that people are interested in this.

It's obviously all dry now, and bagged up. (Using the bags that charities put through your letter box to collect your textiles - they're perfect - just the right size and have vent holes.)

The bags are labeled, but without looking at which was which, I've just stuck my face into each for a good sniff and put my hands in for a good rummage.

I can't really spot any difference. There's still a slight hint of lanolin in both, but that's normal for me - I've only ever washed once before rinsing, and so that's what I've done here.

The next step is to drum card it all and see whether there's any difference there, but (bad timing) my drum carder is out on loan for another couple of weeks.

I think as I've got the time, I'll give it a second wash which might make any differences more obvious.

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