The wisdom of swatching

Aaargh. I"ve come to the foot on the first sock and it's obviously way too big. Once again I learn why it's important to knit a swatch and check the guage!

I toyed briefly with the idea of carrying on and seeing whether I could lose some in the blocking, but I don't think that'll happen. I've got to start again on smaller needles / fewer stitches.

At least I know that knitting with handspun singles (see previous posts) is a joy - as you can see it looks good. Inconsistencies are a bit more obvious, but it looks pretty neat and there's no hint of a problem from biasing.

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whippetsgalore said...

Oooh i do feel for you,it's not good having to start again when you think it's all going well. Love that colour. I also love your hand painted spindles, They should catch on, I would love one myself. (hint). been washing more fleece today and my hands still smell of sheep!! good luck with knitting.