Finished Object

It seems ages since I finished anything, let alone something so pleasing. Thanks to Guzzisue and Allabitrandom for the suggestions - Ravelry did indeed have lots of patterns for a sample quantity of yarn. I've adapted this a bit (decreased it to a point and made the tassel).

OK, it's not very neat at all, and I have something to learn about blocking. It looked much better before I did that. More lustrous and plump. I think when I squeezed out the water, it stayed squeezed. But then again I suppose it would get flattened between the pages of the book / magazine.

BUT I love the colour (thanks to L'Oreal), I love working with pure silk (first time) and it's a great pattern, effective but easy and quick to knit.

It was all a bit 'on a whim'.I'm going to do it again and take much more care.


Allabitrandom said...

Well done! Indeed always good to FINISH something.

Dorothy said...

That's pretty! I never thought of knitted bookmarks, what a lovely project.

peahen said...

Thank you and yes, it's good for the soul I think. I've been hung up on such a huge project for such a long time (my Ravelympics main project believe it or not!) this was a breath of fresh air!

I agree Dorothy, it is pretty. I'm generally very critical of my own work, but the lovely texture of the silk and the pretty pattern have overcome the problems I can see. I'm keen to do it again but better.

Guzzisue said...

now I've suggested it I may have to have a go myself :-)