The Wild Rose Traveller spinning wheel

I have a friend called Tabs who has lots of colour and isn't afraid to use it. Me, I'm much less confident about using colour and might not have gone ahead with such a strong pink and green if Tabs hadn't suggested it. This is the Wild Rose Traveller spinning wheel.

I was inspired by our native wild rose, or 'dogrose', and by Tiffany's Dogwood Tiffany lamp. The wild rose is a beautiful flower that appears on our hedges in the summer and produces the rosehips that we make delicious wine or a syrup full of vitamin C.
I always thought that the American 'dogwood' and our dogrose were one and the same. On Tiffany's Dogwood lamp, the flowers look remarkably like our wild rose. But apparently they're unrelated. (note that these dogwood flowers have 4 petals). My spinning wheel design is based on this lamp, but I've adapted the design slightly so that it more closely resembles our wild rose.

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picperfic said...

so pretty, you are such an inspirational woman!

Tracey said...

It looks lovely.
All my wheels have names and I have been thinking of 'tatooing' their names on the wheel.

peahen said...

go for it Tracey. It'll makes them unique and even more special.

RosyRetro® said...

absolutely stunning job!! Really, really pretty!!!!! Well done you!!!xxx