Jo's Socks Step 5 - the Eastern cast-on

With the big skein halved (so that I can be sure that I've knit the first sock from less than half the yarn) I was a good girl and made a tension gauge swatch. It was waaay over, but the pattern calls for 2.25mm needles, so there's not far to go down from there. I tried again with 2mm needles and it was closer, but still a bit big.

I'm going to knit half a foot and then check it for size on the target foot.

My pattern, Stashbusting Socks from June's Yarn Forward, gives written instructions for the eastern cast-on which is new to me.

No pictures, so I turned to the web and found this:

It's very similar to the figure-of-eight cast-on which I have used before for toe-up socks.

I had to abandon the first attempt at the second row because it was too tight. Tip: start working very loosely. Second attempt worked a treat. Very neat.

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