Swallowtail shawl - blocked

I'm *really* pleased with this! I finished knitting this a week or two ago and have been wondering how to block it. (It's getting on for 5 feet wide when stretched out).

At a friend's suggestion I've used a duvet and towel, which has worked well (thank you Sally) but I couldn't pull those points out quite as far as I wanted to, and I'm sure the whole thing will stretch out a bit further - I think I need to try again with something more solid.

I'm sure that there are mistakes in it, but I've forgotten where they are and can't find them now. I luuuurrrve the pattern and I'm very pleased with my handspun (merino in two colours and a little silk), which feels lovely now that it's dried out from the blocking.

I've broken my best camera (it got waterlogged at the music festival) and have had to resort to an old one for these pics. But I don't mind because I've won a much better camera on eBay and got a bargain. When that arrives I'll be testing it out by modeling the shawl.


Sarah said...

Lovely work!

Guzzisue said...

pretty :-)

peahen said...

Thank you both very much! Ravelry tells me that I started this over a year ago. Let it not be said that I rush anything!! lol