Pat's hat - cast off! Will it fit?

The sun did not shine.
It was too wet to play.
So I sat in the house
And knitted on that cold, cold, wet day.
Is it sad to keep picking up your work and squeezing it just because you like the feel of it?

I can't believe how soft and lovely this wool feels, especially as it's a Heinz 57 of varieties, all carded together. The very chunky design helps. I'm so chuffed with the colour too.

I thought cables would be difficult and I've managed to evade them until now. But it turns out that despite looking so impressive, they're dead easy. You just pop half of the stitches (3 in this case) onto a special little needle to hold them, carry on knitting the remaining ones, then pick up the ones you put by.

If it fits, that'll be a real bonus!


Sarah said...

So this is the sheeps wool collected in the field? I wonder what's the best time of year to collect. I guess spring, before shearing. Lovely to see the whole process, and great to know that it's so soft and bouncy.

peahen said...

Yes, it is the 'found' wool. I have only noticed it in Spring, so I guess they moult at that time of the year. I wonder whether the good result has something to do with the fact that the wool contains both bouncy, crimpy fibres and long straight fibres. I'll certainly collect more next year, but in the mean time, I'm going to try mixing some of the collection of odd fleeces I have in the shed!

Joanna said...

It's not that they moult, more that in Spring there's the maximum amount for them to pull out on barbed wire while they're trying to reach more interesting grass outside the field or having a good scratch. My sheep don't really do it, luckily, but my Angora goats do, normally when the little darlings are crawling under the wire into a neighbour's badly fenced field.

Helen Jacobs-Grant said...

totally beautiful Shiela and no, its not silly to keep squishing your beautiful creation because you love the feel of it, I do that all the time too :)

Helen xx