Pat's hat - step 3, dyeing

Today I dye!

For this project I decided to dye the skein after spinning rather than dyeing the fibre before spinning. This should give a much more even colour.
We want a burgundy colour. A little bit experimental, but it couldn't have worked out better. For this 150g I used half a teaspoon of scarlet acid dye and added as much navy blue as I dared. I didn't want to end up with purple, but If the scarlet was too strong, then I worried that Pat would stop traffic when crossing the road.
It looks delicious - as if it might taste of blackberries or blackcurrant. I can't wait for it to dry out so that I can get busy with the needles.


Sarah said...

The colour's worked out well.

jombolom said...

That's a beautiful colour: yum!

peahen said...

Thank you both. I'm gobsmacked really. I'm new to mixing these acid colours, and how often does something experimental come out exactly the way you hope? It's great because I'll now have so much motivation as I knit the hat.

Helen Jacobs-Grant said...

beautiful shade Shiela, really warm and rich :)
Helen x