Got flair?

Knitpro have let me know that they're phasing out their clear acrylic needles, known as 'Spectra' or 'Zephyr', in favour of the purple variety, 'Flair'.

I have some samples here, what do we think?


Allabitrandom said...

Well yes very nice. I have to admit I never saw the advantage of clear knitting needles - I am a bit old school on this point and knit with anything so long as it is the right size!

Lizzie said...

Oh I think I really love them. Are you going to get them in your shop? I always wanted to have a set of interchangable needles. If yes, I think I might treat myself to a little purple Christmas present :)

peahen said...

Thanks Lizzie, They're discontinuing the clear ones, and I've had good feedback about these and so yes, I'll stock the purple ones. I may have them before Christmas, but I'm not sure.