I bought yarn

...for the first time in ages. The reason is for speed; it's a present for a newborn baby. Spinning the wool would be nice but I'd like to get the present sent off asap.

I love casting on and it's great to have an excuse to cast on yet another WIP.

The pattern is Baby Leaves Baby Hat by Heidi Sunday. I'm going to do the version with the brim and have some of that nice fluffly stuff for the brim.

I started out looking for something a bit quick and simple, but when I saw this lace pattern I I didn't hesitate. I thought I'd enjoy the extra challenge but have already had to rip back one round so far due to lack of concentration!

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Alifan said...

Hi Shiela still showing me up I see, lovely to look in here and see how clever you are..I am very impressed.

I am still knitting squares for a nice blanket to sit under now the weather has gone cold, said to Dive on Saturday needed you to tell me the best way to sew all the colours to make a nice patchwork, but suppose better have a go so I can at last put a post on here..

Keep well think of you always. x