Free pattern - 'Mimi' simple mitts

My simple mitt pattern is as simple as can be, but I really don't like sewing up, so I have rewritten the pattern for knitting in the round.

(It's untested - I wrote down the pattern as I made the first one, and then followed the pattern for its pair. They seem to match and fit the recipient.)

I used 4mm needles and hand-dyed handspun (found wool)

Mimi mitts ('in the round' version of my Cecilia simple mitts)

co32, distribute over 3 or 4 needles and join
(adjust needle size or number of cast-on stitches if necessary to achieve a cuff which passes over your hand and fits your wrist)
*k1,p1* rep for 12 rounds
put 2 stitches (first and last of round) on another needle, or identify these 2 stitches with markers. This is the start of the thumb.
knit all stitches for one round
knit another round, but make one (kfb) each side of the thumb, ie 2 thumb stitches plus 32 more stitches
starting at first non-thumb stitch, knit to thumb, kfb, k. (now 3 thumb stitches)
knit to thumb, k, k, kfb. (now 4 thumb stitches)
continue in this pattern (increasing one thumb stitch per row at alternating ends) until there are 10 thumb stitches
k2tog, k to 2 before thumb, k2tog, increase thumb as before.
continue increasing thumb until 15 stitches.
k for 2 more rounds without increasing
put thumb stitches on scrap yarn
knit two rounds of main 30 stitches, joining when you get to the thumb.
switch to garter stitch (one round of p, next of k)
cast-off loosely or using your favourite stretchy cast-off
pick up the thumb stitches on three needles
knit 5 rounds of garter stitch
cast-off loosely or using your favourite stretchy cast-off
weave in ends.

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Naomi said...

Mmm they look like good rugged warm mittens.