pattern emerging

The photo of the finished hat on the pattern is quite small and indistinct, and it's impossible to tell from the chart how the pattern looks, so it's thrilling to get through the rows and see the pattern gradually appear.

Now I can see why the pattern is called Baby Leaves. It's a very clever leafy design.

It reminds me a little bit of Wooly Wormhead's mystery knit-a-long.


Scout said...

That's really beautiful. I'm so clumsy with these needles, but I'll consider improving the skill for this hat.

Sarah said...

Very nice. You'd better knit quickly, it's cold out there!

peahen said...

Thanks Scout, I do find 4 dpns awkward for the first few rows but like using them once past that stage. You're not wrong SS, but the great thing about baby stuff is that it's so quick, even for me. It's done now!