Spring Scarf

The yarn from the last post did plump up a bit when set, and looks just how I'd hoped. It's my own 'just for fun' go at the handspinner spring competition The yarn is merino and silk, it feels very squishy and yummy and warm. Hopefully the airiness of the pattern will make it comfortable to wear at any time of year.

The pattern is the Chunky Mochi Fan Stitch Scarf. It's effective but very simple; after a few repeats you can remember it and just sit back and not bother to look at the pattern.

It's the biggest yarn I've made, and these are the biggest needles I've used (12mm). Not sure of their origin, but they are with a bunch of my grandmothers, so that makes the scarf a little more special.

It's about half the finished length, and that was a single sitting - it's superquick working on this scale! It's also harder work - much more physical moving those big needles around.


Helen Jacobs-Grant said...

Oh WOW Shiela the yarn is looking so pretty knitted in this fan pattern especially on extra large gauge. Cant wait to see the finished scarf :)

Helen xx

Sue Doran said...

Looks terrific! Amazing to see how the yarn was made as well as the finished garment.