Finished project - Water Sprite socks

Yet another pair finished from Cotton and Cloud's Ginkgo Socks pattern.

I've posted a couple of pictures of the progress on Woolly Wednesdays but here's a mosaic of the whole story from Yummy Yarns bamboo / merino in Water Sprite through to finished socks.
At Freyalan's suggestion I spun very thin (by spindle) and navajo / chain plied. I love n-ply because it evens out inconsistency better than two ply, and keeps the colours separate rather than mixing them up.

I did have high hopes that this time I'd have matching socks. I guess that I didn't split the fibre exactly down the middle, or spun one half a little more fine than the other.

All of the pictures are here on Flickr, and the project is here on Ravelry

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Yarnspider said...

I think they are lovely! And the slightly none matchingness is over-ruled by the patter so totally unique!