Steeling myself...

Yes, it's fibre for spinning, it's very fine (3 micron), antistatic, and conductive! It's stainless steel.

(see the seller's details in the image - it arrived from the USA much more quickly than I expected. Thanks Kate!)

Two surprises, I got my quantities muddled up - I was expecting 100g, this is 1oz which is about a third of that - and in the pictures it looked as if it had some colour but in fact it's metallic silver-grey just as you'd expect.

Alone it feels surprisingly fluffy but with a strange abrasive feel. I wonder what spinning the pure stuff would do to your fingers?

I had an idea about spinning it alone for pure stainless steel yarn, but given these things I'll try carding it with wool, maybe 1:2 or 1:1

Can't wait to see what the resulting metallic yarn looks like.

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Dawn said...

I shall follow this with interest, was reading about this fibre recently and am intrigued ... maybe one day.