Paw protectors for a poorly puppy

My sister's dog had an accident before Christmas which left her back end paralysed.

We're hoping and praying that this is temporary, but in the mean time one little problem has been the knuckles of her back feet getting sore as they occasionally scrape the ground when she's 'walked' around using a sling.

Sis asked whether it would be possible to make some socks for the pooch to protect her feet. A quick Google search turned up this pattern from Rebecca at Chemknits. I'm especially pleased because I follow her blog with interest and have sometimes mentioned a post on Hand Spinning News.

Although Rebecca labels the pattern a 'prototype', I followed it to the letter and it was perfect. I've made two pairs, they were very quick to make (each pair in one sitting) and work a treat.


WendyCarole said...

Hope she makes a good recovery.

kjsutcliffe said...

Aw that is lovely - also, as she is not as mobile as before, her feet possibly feel colder, her paw socks probably feel comforting to her too

peahen said...

Thank you Wendy, there are signs of improvement so we're happy about that and feeling confident.

You're right Hawthorn, sometimes her feet are cold, and sometimes warm, as if the thermostat is broken!

Katrina said...

So pleased to hear she's showing some improvement - sending healing for a full recovery xxxx

I'd be SO tempted to make them a bit longer with a short-row heel for some doggy sox to go further up her leg!

peahen said...

Thanks Katrina x I love the heel idea - that would be very cute!