Dyeing to cast on

Issue 24 of The Wheel has a lovely article by Libby Kingscote about mixing colours. She uses Ashford's merino / silk mix in vanilla (pure white undyed) and one of her recipes is for a teal. Spun very fine, this would be perfect for my Twinkle.  More about the spinning here.

I made a slightly bluer mix - 3 parts blue to one part yellow.

The variegation that you can see in the last picture is a happy accident. When I first popped the skeins in the dye I forgot to untwist them. I untwisted them but the paler patches remain.

A sunny day to dry them, they're now finishing off with weights to straighten.


Sue said...

That's a glorious colour Sheila, looks fantastic!

peahen said...

Thank you Sue! It's come out exactly the way I wanted (how often does that happen?) - a slightly more 'peacock' blue than the one in the pattern but still on the blue side of teal. The variegation wasn't as planned but I'm really happy about that.

Edith said...

I've just been reading all your blog posts related to this project. Wonderful and so very inspiring! Thanks!