Spit join, my version

[warning - bodily fluids discussed] I linked to a Craftsy tutorial on the spit join in the most recent Purl Two Together. The spit join is ideal for my current project because I'm using wool (won't work with synthetic materials) I don't want to waste any yarn and I don't like weaving in ends.

I've experimented a bit - I have the opportunity because I made smaller skeins for this project. First of all I used the method given in Stefanie Japel's tutorial, which overlaps the ends. The resulting join is thicker than the yarn itself, which may not be so obvious with a closer knit but I have a very open knit here and the join did show.

So I tried trimming back one ply so that only two plies were overlapping. Once twisted together it's quite a convincing join, even before felting.

Then as per all other spit splice tutorials, spit into your hand and rub the join between your palms to secure it. If you don't go too far with the felting, it retains that 'plied' look. This time the join is really invisible, even with very open stitches.

Here's progress with my Twinkle. After one false start (due to a mistake only spotted several rows later) and the size being a bit big (The knitting was coming a different gauge to my swatch...?) I re-started and now have about 8" of the body done.

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