Woolly Friday

Wooly Wednesday comes round so quickly (and then whooshes by before I realise). This is my second less alliterative Woolly Friday in a row.

Since last time I've finished two spin / knit projects that I'm very proud of. TheWater Sprite socks that I've posted about so many times are now done! These pictures are all on Flickr here. I enjoyed spinning the singles by spindle, slower but very relaxing.

After Christmas I decided to make a present for a friend who had donated several fleeces to Mum and me. After some dyeing experiments, I made a lacy cowl that I was really happy with. More pictures including me modelling it are here

Since then I've started a project that I couldn't wait to start. This is Twinkle and I need lots of very fine yarn. This is the finest yarn that I'll have made and it's taking an age. But very enjoyable.


Araignee said...

Lovely projects. The color of those socks make me very happy!

emma said...

Those socks are amazing!

Dawn said...

Love those socks, bright colours for Spring coming.

Shearer's Girl said...

The water sprite is gorgeous don't worry about joining on Friday I forgot January all together!