Countryfile - sheep theme

Last night's Countryfile was a wool special. It was great to see a focus on the wool industry, about the current difficulties and importance of buying British lamb (it was good to see the supermarkets being scrutinised, who seem to be displaying the New Zealand lamb over British for profit reasons) the revival of mutton, the tragedy that fleece which was once worth its weight in gold is now worth less than it costs to shear (I'm not sure that this is entirely true - maybe it depends upon the breed).

We met Eve O’Neill who demonstrated needle felting. I noticed a few people demonstrating this craft recently at Fibre East. It's good to see that the craft is healthy and maybe growing in popularity.
You can watch the show on the iPlayer shortly and I believe for the next month.

I stock a range of needle felting supplies including several starter kits:

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