Zing needles, customer feedback

Here's a mini-review of the new Knitpro Zing needles with a picture that I received by email today from a customer that I shall call Liz.
Zing circular needle and yarn, knitting sock
Knitpro Zing circular

Just a quick update on the needles, I am loving them. The cable is very pliable and I am finding the extra long tips very comfortable. The stitches glide effortlessly and everything is so pleasurable. I think I may have to order another one :-)

These socks are for a KAL that starts today and ends in September but I've a feeling they will be finished way before then.

I feel I shall be a Zing convert, I really love them so far.

I have Zing circulars, double-points and straight needle sets available here


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