Knitted womb

I can post these pictures now that the recipient has received the present. It's now a little bit of a tradition to make one of these for friends or family undergoing a certain op.
The yarn is the cochineal dyed alpaca I made for these wristwarmers. The colour is perfect for this project.
The wonderful pattern is Womb by M K Carroll, free on Knitty.

This is the first full project I've made on the new KnitPro Zing needles. They're lighter than the Nova range as noted in my first impressions but feel more robust and positive. One thing I find difficult with this project is that you initially start working with just two stitches on each needle - it's fiddly and the needles slip out very easily. These not being highly-polished like their Nova counterparts, I think they were a little less prone to slipping out of the stitches.

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