Caprice Yarn

Inspired by some of the amazing handspun yarns in Creative Spinning, and another love of mine, music notation, I've come up with this handspun yarn I've called 'Caprice'.

I've made a small amount to see whether I've got the thicknesses right, and I'm very pleased with the first lot.

The thin black thread and black shiny beads suggest the staves, phrase marks and musical notes, against a much thicker white yarn.

I've made this from pure undyed alpaca, which is softer than wool and is said to be warmer.

The next step is to knit some mitts using the pattern I've been working on, and if they look the way that I hope they do, they'll be perfect for next year's Christmas caroling!

The 'recipe' for this yarn is:
Z-spin a very thin black thread, as thin as you sensibly can without risking breaks. Z-spin quite a thick white yarn from white alpaca. Thread the black thread with beads, around two per yard. S-ply the two yarns, distributing the beads evenly.

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whippetsgalore said...

You get some great ideas , I am so impressed. we shall wait now to see it knitted into those mitts.