What can you do when you begin something thinking that you have just about enough yarn in that odd part-used ball, but run out just a few short rows before the end?

It doesn't really matter because they were very quick and easy to knit (even for me) and the point of making them was to design a very quick and easy pattern to go with some special handspun yarn which I have been dreaming up!

All the same, I'm going to try and find or spin something to finish that second thumb off, because I like them so much, they're so very close to being finished and they match a scarf mum crocheted for me (and it's very cold outside!) The yarn is very soft, chunky and 'marbled' browns. The variation in the yarn is so great that I think almost anything will work. Anyone have anything similar??

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Anonymous said...

What do I do? I start a new project and wait for some inspiration to hit me on how to finish the old one!