Finished Mitts

Mum said "what about some of that jacob fleece you have?" I wasn't sure that it was brown enough, but parts of the marble yarn are black / white and so I spun and plied a little up and it's worked a treat!

There are some changes I'd like to make to the pattern, but it's pretty close to being the way I want it. Now to spin up some really special yarn for the next pair!


whippetsgalore said...

Wow i'm so pleased the jacob worked for you. There is nothing worse than not being able to finish off a piece of work that close to the end. as i found out with my "curly" scarf. Can't wait to see your special spun wool.

peahen said...

It is frustrating - I usually end up with way too much left over or find I don't have enough!

Check back soon to see the special yarn I have dreamed up!

What do you need to finish your curly scarf? Try having a scout around to see if you can find it or something similar.

Scout said...

Seriously, I am so impressed. I'm sitting over here State side working on a lacy shawl for my mother, and you're over there spinning your own yarn and making something really cool.

peahen said...

I'm sure your lace shawl is no less cool than my mitts - I'm intrigued - please post some pictures! lace knitting fascinates me - 'knitting with holes'!