Cecilia Mitts

I've just finished stitching up my simple mitts, made from the Caprice yarn I wrote about in an earlier post. It's 100% alpaca and beaded.

Leaving the fingers unencumbered and using cosy alpaca fibre means that they'll be perfect for outdoor Christmas caroling or busking!

Thank you very much to the lovely lady at Norfolk Yarns who gave mum and I a free pattern for some similar mitts. She hates sewing up and so knits hers in the round, which has the added bonus of leaving no seams inside. I decided to keep my pattern very simple to knit.

I've called them 'Cecilia' because of the simple pattern and because the yarn was inspired by music. St Cecilia is the patron saint of music and musicians, and the hymn tune known as St Cecilia is an uncomplicated tune.

Since knitting the first ones in the brown marble, I adjusted the pattern a little before starting these ones and again now that these are finished. hopefully it's getting closer to being right.

Here's the pattern



dive said...

Yay, Pea!
Good to see the trumpet getting a blast.
I was concerned when you had all those cold Christmas outdoor gigs but those gloves look lovely and warm.

Scout said...

First, that's a great photo! Second, they look beautiful. I haven't learned to knit in the round yet.

peahen said...

Thanks Dive, Alpaca is cosy so have no fears about me getting chilly fingers! Thank you Scout - feel free to try the pattern - mine is knit flat and very quick to knit, especially for a lightning fast knitter like you! Knitting in the round is easier than you think - give it a go sometime. All you do is share your cast-on stitches onto 3 needles and knit continuously using a 4th needle. For stocking stitch you just keep knitting, because you're not turning it round.