knitting with single-ply handspun?

This is the whole 100g of corriedale that I dyed with cammomile. I think I've spun it too thick for the socks that I had in mind (it wasn't very easy to spin - being a bit felted is my excuse!!)

It looks so good unplied that I'm going to try knitting it as it is. It's exactly 20wpi in its single form, so perhaps perfect weight.

I've read a little bit about knitting singles before, and by coincidence, I've been reading Amy King's new book 'Spin Control' in which she has a whole chapter on the subject, called 'Spectacular singles'. That's given me enough confidence that I'm not doing anything too radical.

It won't be as strong as plied yarn, but the Hungry Bees socks that I have in mind won't be everyday heavy-duty socks. It might have a bias, but I've set the twist on the first skein and it doesn't seem too charged with twist now. If there is a bias, perhaps blocking will sort it out.

If anyone knows about these issues - use the comment link and let me know! I'm all fired up and keen to start knitting it, so I'll pour myself a glass of something nice and start casting on later on!


Dorothy said...

I'd thought I could live without adding "Spin Control" to my bookshelf, after reading this post I'm having a re-think!

All I know of knitting with singles is that I've heard it's fine for lace knitting, but in stocking stitch the twist in the yarn can distort the knitting.

I hope you'll write more about this when you try it out?

peahen said...

Thank you for your comment Dorothy. If you haven't seen it, you might like to look at the excerpt of the book and interview with Amy on They've reproduced some of the 'spectacular singles' chapter:

I've begun knitting the first sock, and so I'll let you know how it's going very soon!