Just finished sewing my squares together and so have a nice warm cover to put on my legs in the evening when I sit! ha ha sounds like a poor old woman, but have enjoyed making it, used to just do them for the cats, but thought I would have one as well...and it used a lot of old wools up..

Not quite up to your standard Shiela, but about time I posted on here again.. love to all. x


peahen said...

Oh, B, thank you for this. You have been busy! I don't know what you mean by my standard but this is impressive - lovely pastel colours.

I can't quite see what you've done, are the squares moss stitch or crochet?

Really nice to hear from you and to see that you've been knitting. Keep it up!

Alifan said...

Blackberry stitch pea..with a crochet edge..thanks you lovely

Scout said...

I'm sorry it took me so long to get here and comment—this is really lovely, Beryl.