Crochet by the pool

This is as first for me. I actually took my crochet on holiday with me! No I didn't spend all day sitting there in the sun crocheting, but you know how it is, after all that walking, shopping,swimming, sunbathing and eating, you need to chill out and unwind. What better way than to finish the 'funky' bag that I had promised Helen.
Its a chunky Aran wool in random purples, turquoises and blues. Such a treat to use.
Next project is going to another extreme. Goldfingering (crochet thread) very fine and sparkly and quite a contrast, so watch this space, I feel another belt coming on.......

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peahen said...

I can't believe how quickly you've made that bag! What was Jeanne up to while you were crocheting? (Apart from taking surprise pictures of you!) Did she take her knitting too?

It all looks idyllic. Bet you didn't want it to end? I guess the postcard is still in the post.....?