Funky bag.

Since the passport bag and belt, which I forgot to mention before, are awaiting ceramic buttons from Helen, I have been unable to resist buying wonderful wool from charity shops, (is there a name for this condition?) and have since completed this bag from the book Peahen bought me for Christmas. Is there no stopping me...........?


peahen said...

That bag looks really good! Tough luck on the buttons front - I think Helen gave her entire stock to me at the weekend, wich I'm really really pleased about.

I think the medical term for not being able to resist buying yarn is "perfectly normal". H will tell you that I was physically drooling in Fenwick's on Saturday.

Keep it up!

Scout said...

I believe there is no stopping you! I can't keep up.

the bag looks great.

Alifan said...

Well done, I love crochet.. and my cousin has a needlecraft shop in town, and I regularly drool in there...It is like a fairyland.

Thanks for getting me back to knitting etc Pea xxx

You can keep it up Robyn..especially if you can make things like my gorgeous bracelet...xx

whippetsgalore said...

Thanks, I'm realy ernjoying it, Much more than i ever did knitting. Glad it's 'normal' to drool over wool, there is such a great choice out there at the moment.

sculptrix said...

Well-I think that bag is amazing having seen it in the flesh(or wool).
I've already put my order in!
Peahen you mentioned our Knitting session at the weekend. Unfortunately I've not seen it since...don't suppose I left it at yours did I?