Me too!

Have I been knitting for England? No, I just happened to have several things nearly finished. This is Stefanie Japel's (AKA Glampyre) One Skein Wonder.

This is the second one I've knitted. The first turned out so small that I gave it to a very petite friend, and suspect that it was too small for her too. That was a lesson in knitting a swatch rather than guessing. This one has turned out too big! Well, maybe it's just the sleeves - the cuffs are much bigger than they need to be - I've had to scrunch them up and try and hold the excess under my armpits for the photo.

The yarn is Sirdar Evita, a mix with more than 50% wool. It has a very fuzzy texture which is wonderful, but I found it a bit difficul to knit with - it splits very easily. As she's mentioned, Mum has an addiction to buying wool from the charity shop, and this was a very welcome gift from that source.

The yarn first became a boobholder, another Glampyre pattern, but I made a real mistake with that one. I either didn't have a big enough circular needle, or the yarn was too light, (or possibly both), and so I decided that I could 'scale up' the stitches and rows. That didn't work, and the resulting monstrosity had to be pulled out and I started a OSW instead!

I'm really pleased, it's perfect for showing off the tattoo. I would certainly wear it, but I'm not sure what to do about the flapping cuffs. I may try sewing in a tuck, or may pull the lot out and try knitting it again in a smaller size. They're quite quick and fun to make. Is there an award for the largest number of items made from the same yarn?


Scout said...

It looks great, but you really would have to sew up the excess--you couldn't really spend the day with your arms locked at your sides.

I like the tattoo, as well. I toyed with the idea for a few years but finally let go of it. I saved the design, though. You just never know.

Anonymous said...
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