Toddler-size Cecilias

These are a present for a sweet little girl in my family. I've spun some more Caprice yarn and adapted it a little. I've added a little silk to the white alpaca to give it a little bit of a sheen. It makes it so much stronger too. For this batch I plied that with a commercial black thread rather than spinning a very fine black alpaca thread. It was much easier to work with and to thread the beads on. It obviously has no twist and so doesn't balance the white in the same way, but I really like the effect. It is closer to the 'musical' effect that I was originally after, ie thin black lines and dots on a white background. These smaller gloves are even quicker to knit than the original adult-size ones! I've used smaller needles (4mm) and 23 stitches across rather than 32.

Finished! They're so tiny. The picture isn't very good, but I've had a few goes and it's the best one!


Scout said...

How fun. I have met someone only 20 minutes from my house who has an alpaca farm and sells yarn. I plan on going out there for a visit very soon.

Anonymous said...

How cute! I love the full size ones too!