Cold feet?

Like some sales offices, perhaps Ravelry should have some kind of virtual bell that we can ring when we've cast off, so that everyone can give us a virtual cheer. I love casting on, but love casting off even more, especially when I'm as happy with the finished project as I am now with my sunset socks.

They look more 'odd' than I expected, but I don't mind. I love the Ginkgo pattern, I love the feel of the merino on my feet and I love the colours.

What's next? I've already started spinning the wool for the next pair, which will be a birthday present.

I particularly like what's happened when black has come together with black and other colours in the plying, like this part at the top of the second sock. I'm taking this idea and running with it for the next pair.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous! Have a big virtual hurrah from me!

peahen said...

Thank you. I think 'bonkers' is probably more accurate than gorgeous though - and I love them for that reason!